The Image On Top

The image at the top of the page is the scorecard from the first ever MLB perfect game. It was thrown in Worcester MA in 1880 by left hander Lee Richmond throwing for the Cleveland Blues against the Worcester Worcesters (not the most original of names…). It was caught by Charlie Bennet.

Astute scorekeepers among you will notice that the position numbers (1 for pitcher, 2 for catcher, etc.) were not in use at that time. Instead A, B, C, for first, second and third; P and H for pitcher and catcher; S for shortstop; L, M, and R for left, center, and right field. There were also only five strikeouts in the game (scored as “H K”).

The players in the game and even the teams themselves are long gone. We play a small part in a game that has a long shadow. That shadow goes back a century and a half. The scorecard above gives you an idea as to how long and how far the game has come. We are lucky to play whatever small part we play.