About us

Who Are we?

Dirtbags Baseball is a premier travel baseball program based in the western suburbs of Chicago and caters to players throughout the Northern Illinois area. Established in 2016, our teams play tournaments throughout the Chicago and suburban area. Our organization is merit based, meaning every player in our program earns his place on a Dirtbags Baseball roster every year.

We always look for talented, hungry players with families that:

  • Positively support their player
  • Allow players to grow and develop
  • Accept the fact that mistakes will happen rather than expecting perfection
  • Encourage their player to do their best while allowing coaches to coach​

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our players become better baseball players, strong leaders, and understand the value and rewards of hard work. Every member of our organization will hold themselves and each other to high standards of positive attitude, determination, effort and hustle, both on the baseball field and in any other endeavor they choose to pursue.

What Sets Dirtbags Baseball Apart?

  • Operate our own indoor training facility
  • High School and Collegiate level training
  • Lowest travel baseball rates in the area
  • Individual training available
  • Position specific training workshops
  • Highly competitive teams
  • Excellent local tournaments and league play
  • Multiple levels of play
  • No mandatory fundraiser or volunteer requirements